What Daily Life Is Like For An Addict In A Residential Treatment Center

Residential Treatment Center

Every day, drug and alcohol addicts in a residential treatment center follows a routine. It is one of the effective attempts to help patients recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Depending on a recovery center, they have a lot of things to do in a daily manner. Typically, a relevant and responsive institution has a lot of activities in which addicted people will love and enjoy. Those things are a great help for them to give up taking drugs and alcohol.

Social Activities

According to experts, drug and alcohol addicts are self-centered which means they cannot socialize with other people. In this manner, a recovery center is a great support as there are many social activities. All patients will learn how to interact with a group of individuals. They will be able to get rid of other problems such as loneliness and depression. They can become more positive and inspired to make a change with their lives.

Recovering addicts have high risks of feeling problematic and stressed. That is why treatment centers provide social activities. Talking to other people on a daily basis can help them become stronger to face all their dilemmas. They do not have the chance to hang out with their old friends who are a bad influence on their part. They will be able to address their loneliness that can make them more complacent and happier. In other words, they will become more eager to address their alcohol and drug addiction.

Furthermore, professional and reliable recovery centers should be able to guide all recovering patients during social activities to avoid issues in the future. When you have a family relative or a friend who needs a recovery center, you have to make sure that your option has professionalism, integrity and dependability so that you will have the peace of mind.

Arts and Crafts

Since quitting drugs and alcohol is a difficult thing to do, some recovery institutions integrate arts and crafts. It is an effective way to support them to lessen the great impacts of drug and alcohol addiction. Once they feel satisfied and passionate in doing related activities, they will gradually forget their bad habits. They will be able to spend their valuable time to one of the most productive ways as well.

The individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohols may lose their confidence with their ability to do a particular responsibility. Being engaged to arts and crafts, they will start developing their self-esteem. They will acquire skills that can assist them to achieve a full recovery. Even though it is quite hard, they will be able to recuperate. In addition, they can have a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle they truly deserve.


Orange County Residential Treatment Center

Residential Treatment Center



People who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction need not only social activities but also other relaxation activities to achieve holistic results. Most treatment institutions provide regular exercises aside from social activities so that they can help inpatients to experience relaxation. Since living in a recovery center for a long period of time is quite depressing and hard, relaxation activities and exercise could be a huge help. As a result, they will be able to have a positive outlook towards their lives.

In integrating relaxation to the daily routines of recovering drug and alcohol addicts, recovery institution should have well-skilled people to provide proper exercises other activities. With that, you will be totally insured that your relative or a close friend can have a proper and wonderful recovery. Within the required time, they can successfully get rid of addiction issues. They can become a more optimistic individual as well.

Music Therapy

Aside from that, music therapy can be one of the daily routines of recovering drug and alcohol addicts. Once they experience depression and other related issues, music therapy can provide a strong relief and comfort. When it is integrated to other daily activities, patients can achieve their preferred results. They will surely have a happier and more fulfilling life.

Family Visit

Apart from that, family visit is a part of the daily routine of recovering alcohol and drug addicts. Even though it gives a lot of disgrace, you have to accept a family relative so that he/she can have enough motivation and inspiration to make a difference in his/her life. Through frequent times of family visit, you can make him/her stronger and more passionate. So, it is a huge support on their part.


The individuals who are recovering from the same issues will undergo a professional counseling in a treatment center. In fact, all institutions have a team of professional and equipped counselors who can efficiently handle similar issues. If you think that addicts only undergo social activities, they also experience counselling services every day.

Through counseling, drug and alcohol addicts will have the ability to fight against their predicament. They will have a realization that will give them various chances to know their mistakes. They will also become familiar on one of the best things to do in order to have a satisfying and enjoying life. Furthermore, they will be reminded on the right path to take.

The Typical Day

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction will surely take a long time and most probably, it cannot be done overnight. Some of the best treatment for drug addiction can be offered through residential treatment centers in Orange County California. Thus, how does the daily life of an addict look like in residential treatment facilities? Here, you will have a hint of their daily activities as they go towards the road of recovery.

The daily activities in a residential treatment center starts at 7 a.m. A beautiful morning that represents new hopes for the patients to start over and they will lead their ways to the dining hall to have their healthy breakfast. After that, they will be having a meeting together with the nursing staff and the whole medical team. Patients will then spend the whole day together with different individuals through group therapy sessions and recovery lectures where they can address their underlying addictive behavior.

What’s a Drug Rehab Program?

Patients are also given few minutes to spend their free time doing some leisure activities like reading journals, socializing, smoking or working therapy assignments in between the therapy sessions and lectures. Then, they gather together around 5 p.m. to relax and have dinner as well. After the dinner, patients can now engage in sports activities like basketball or volleyball. This is the time where they can practice their team coordination and sportsmanship. With this, they will be able to socialize with others and at the same time, they will be able to maintain their good physical health. Also, this can be a great part of recovery to connect with other individuals. In letting the patients be surrounded by a huge number of people working together in order to have the successful recovery, patients will feel that they are not alone, fighting to gain back their previous normal lives.

During weekends, patients can have their recreational activities like biking or hiking. They are allowed to go to the nearby recreation centers. Also, they are free to choose whether they will go for an outing or attend religious activities during Sundays and if a patient wishes to have a quality time with his or her family, visitors are much welcomed during afternoons of Saturday and Sunday. Here, they can spend their weekend nights shopping, watching movies or even eating together at some restaurants. Then each night at around 11 p.m., the patient then goes to sleep for them to prepare for another day of recovery.

Lectures and Meetings

Community meetings. Through such meetings, patients are given the opportunity to express their concerns or insights about their daily experience in a residential treatment center regarding issues like staff, social and logistics. Also, this is the time where staffs lets the patients who completed their treatment program graduate. Graduates will be given the chance to address gratitude to the community and say a few words to other groups to continue the treatment and be more motivated to start a new life away from the shadow of drugs.

Lectures. A residential treatment facility is provided with professional counselors and lecturers where they will discuss important topics such as stress management, irrational fears, grief, self-sabotage prevention, addictive thoughts, diseases from addiction, behavioral patterns and the significance of the treatment. During Wednesdays, patients will attend whole day seminars with regards to anger, cravings, triggers, relapse, family dynamics and any other issues conforming their addiction.

Assignments. Each patient will have therapeutic assignments in accordance to their individual needs or goals. Writing grief letter, life goals, autobiography, history of drug use, life perspective and relapse prevention management plans are some of it. Then, they will present the assignments during their groupings in order to get valuable feedback from their peers and therapists.

Therapy Groups

The Home Group. This is all about a family alike setting where each of the counselor will meet the group of patients to share or express their feelings about their undertakings on drug or alcohol addiction. Here, patients will be able to be open up about the struggles or victories to each group member. Through this, they can have the chance to express why they engaged themselves in such addiction and

The Family Group. There is a great participation of the family in connection to the fast recovery of the patients. Here, aside from their involvement during their weekend visits, family members are also encouraged to participate during the discussions. The counselors will educate all the family members about the issues underlying the patients such as the disease of addiction. Also, they can take part in helping the patients recover with the addiction issues where they will provide them better means of communication and trust. As the patients know that they are important to their loved ones, they will feel more motivated to conquer all their undertakings.

The Flex Groups. Here, the patients are given the opportunity to process all the learning they gathered during lectures and also have the chance to raise questions and obtain feedback from their counselors.

The Gender Groups. In order for the patients to secure and explore personal or sensitive issues, men and women meet thrice a week. Traumas, self-image or abuse are mainly discussed to the women’s group while anger management or expression of emotions are discussed to the men’s group.

Alumni Group

All individuals who have successfully completed the treatment procedures in a recovery center join those recovering drug and alcohol addicts. They have the intention to discuss cravings, accountability, relapse and other related issues. It is one of their attempts to give a simple help so that people can fully address their alcohol and drug addiction.

Speaker Meetings

Mostly, recovery centers provide speaker meetings that are led by individuals who have been in years of recovery. They share their strength, experience and hope to inspire others. When you have a family relative who has been a drug or alcohol addict for years, consider a treatment center that conducts speaker meetings.

Drug and alcohol addict’s lives in a recovery center are imbued with relaxation, social activities and other enjoyment. They are also guided with professional and reputable counselors who can assist them to address all their problems. Since depression and other related issues are common to recovering addicts, they can experience services that best suit to their specific and unique needs. As a family relative or a close friend, you will have the assurance that they can have a more magnificent and healthier life. There are no worries as most reliable institutions can help a lot.

In addition, you should let them feel your acceptance. Once they see that you accept them a lot, they will be positive and full of enthusiasm. Although it may be hard on your part, you have to do it in order to assist them to have a brighter life for the years to come. In just a short period of time, you can witness a big change in their behavior.

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