Pet Friendly Rehab California

Searching for a pet friendly rehab? A famous quote hangs on the walls of almost every veterinary clinic in the United States. It reads, “A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than you love yourself.” To people who don’t have pets, the quote may seem ludicrous or extreme. People who do have a connection with pets however, may find that the quote speaks to the deeper connection between humans and animals. If your are looking for specialized treatment centers that allow pets then call and speak with one of our staff members now.

Pet Friendly Rehab

These animal lovers may have a point. Studies suggest that the mere presence of an animal can have a deep and profound impact on the way people feel about their situation, their abilities and other people in the room. In short, animals may help people come to a deeper understanding. For this reason pet friendly rehabs have incorporated the patients pets into some aspects of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, and facilities that leverage pets are usually called “pet friendly .” Understanding why animals are included in these programs, and what their presence is designed to do, can help families decide if pet friendly drug rehab is appropriate for a specific situation.


People who adore their animals may provide long dissertations about how their animals help them deal with stress and move though their lives with a sense of ease. In order to break these down into physical or chemical changes that can be measured objectively, instead of feelings that can only be experienced subjectively, scientists have performed a series of experiments on the human/animal bond, looking for measurable outcomes that can be directly attributed to the work of an animal. The results of these experiments have been striking. Animals may be able to help people acquire higher levels of relaxation, which may manifest itself in the behavior of the addict. Pet friendly rehabs are great way for those attached to their pets to go through recovery with pet companion.


Pets may also help people to feel more communicative, especially if these people are diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder that includes depression, anxiety or another similar condition. In the end, this helps an addict open up and can make therapeutic sessions more effective. A pet friendly rehab allows the patient to go through recovery with a pet which can decrease the depression and anxiety. Research has determined that people who were allowed to play with a dog during therapy were more focused and aware of their environment than people who were not given the opportunity to play with a dog. Having access to a dog seems to provide these people with the ability to open up, speak out and participate in therapy in ways they were not able to when animals were not present.


While studies suggest that animals can help people whether they interact with the animals or not, there are some people who actively dislike animals. They may have severe allergies, a history of poor interactions with animals or just a basic distrust of furry creatures all together. Obviously, these people will not benefit from the inclusion of an animal into the treatment program. In fact, it’s best to ensure that no animals are included in the care these people receive for their addiction, as they may find the presence of animals distracting or distressing.


Pet friendly treatment programs that include animals in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction should be able to answer specific questions before treatment begins: How are animals included in this program? How are the animals trained? How were you trained to handle the animal? Is the animal a certified therapy animal? Have you used animals in this way in the past? Does the use of the animal add to the cost of the program?


In the end, it’s a personal decision whether a pet-friendly drug rehab is the right program for you. While bringing your dog or cat to treatment for drug or alcohol addiction might be beneficial to some, others may find success in more traditional programs. By asking questions, and truly thinking about what’s best for the addict, families can make the right decision. If you’d like more information on pet-friendly addiction treatment programs, Step One Recovery can help.