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For those recovering addicts, one among the hardest things to do is to live in the real world wherein friends and family continue drinking around them. Since alcohol is considered as a prevalent part of today’s society, it is indeed hard on their part to maintain sober living environment. And with this kind of situation, sober living is indeed the best solution.

What is Sober Living?

Transitioning back to the community as well as trying to avoid certain negative aspects that could lead them to addiction is indeed very hard and this is where sober living comes in. These homes could provide the recovering addict with needed stability and structure in order for them to be focused. This would allow them with a transition back into the society without having any stress as well as temptations that they would face once returning into their old environments.

During the said period, these individuals could seek outside treatment, maintain employment, attend meetings for addicts or self-help groups and also build bonds with families and friends. Once compared with treatment facilities, sober living residents might stay as long as they needed to stay instead of being sent back into the streets right after a certain period of time.

What are sober living homes?

Sober living homes are most of the time located in residential neighborhoods along with easy access to shopping, transportation and businesses. Many of these homes are being affiliated with substance abuse treatment centers that would allow clients to easily move from an inpatient treatment into a community-based setting once they have already advanced into that stage of their recovery. And so with that, clients could still continue practicing coping skills at the same time participating in numbers of sober activities.

If you own a dog or a cat, finding a treatment facility that accepts pets can be difficult. There are addiction rehab centers that allow individuals to bring their pets during treatment, but you might have a tough time finding a sober home that will, if you would like our center to assist you call  1-877-626-4906.

In order to maintain the atmosphere that supports the recovery, most of the staff members within sober living homes are to provide supervision and will oversee the daily activities of the house. There might also be some facilities that are into nominating an individual that has proven to have high level of commitment to sobriety as the residential assistant or the house manager. And all the residents of these sober living homes are expected to be accountable about their actions and also should observe the house rules being the conditions during their stay.

Step One Recovery has partnerships with many sober living homes in Orange County and throughout California. If you are looking for information about a sober home, or a treatment facility our 24hr helpline can assist you, call 1-877-626-4906.

Who are the ones that could benefit from sober living?

Life within the community could offer the opportunity for great personal growth right after being in the rehab but it might also represents a return into a possibly stressful environment. Though sober living isn’t protecting the recovering person from almost all the stressors as well as triggers of everyday living still it could offer an atmosphere which nurtures sobriety and also offers certain level of structure.

Those individuals that could benefit from sober living homes are the following:

  • Rehab clients who definitely need time in order to practice coping strategies prior to returning into the community
  • People with history of chronic relapse
  • People seeking for a stable living environment as they attend outpatient treatment
  • And those that are aiming to re-establish solid or residential history

Indeed, those people could benefit a lot from the idea of considering sober living.

Apart from that, sober living would also help in reinforcing the skills as well as the self-knowledge being acquired in the rehab. Once in the sober living environment, residents could focus on their recovery once they participate in the support groups, contribute to quality of life and build relationships with other housemates. These residents might as well choose to look for jobs outside the home and also continue their education or they could simply concentrate on advancing the recovery goals through taking part in household activities and meetings. Indeed, the goal of sober living is to let individuals assume the responsibilities of everyday living within a pace that matches their progress as well.

So how long does sober living takes?

Well, the length of stay within a sober living home would be determined to the needs of the clients instead of an arbitrary standard of treatment. There are some facilities that are into letting the residents to stay within specific length in order to qualify. But in general, the more extended length of stay is would give the client with more time to reap the benefits that sober living environments do provide.

What are the benefits of sober living?

There are also numbers of benefits that sober living homes could provide and some of those are the following:

  • Affordable. Most sober living homes are to provide all the utilities and wouldn’t ask for credit checks or for rental deposits. Sober living homes wouldn’t make those residents worried about expensive fees for the facilities or utilities.
  • Support System. Another great benefit would be the support system. All the residents of the home would share the common goal of trying to remain sober and clear. This would only mean that there is always someone around that is willing to help once support is needed by someone else in order for them to be more focused.
  • Central Locations. Most sober living homes are being situated in central areas in order for the residents to have an access to public transportation’s, shopping and some other resources.
  • Structured Environment. Though sober living isn’t restricted as the treatment programs, residents should follow numbers of guidelines that are designed in order to keep them into the right path. There is a need for the residents to attend actively to meetings or to some other forms of outside treatments for addiction. They might not bring alcohol or drugs at home and should refrain from using those substances during the stay. They are indeed expected to clean up after themselves, respect others and also help in maintaining the cleanliness of the home. And most sober living homes as well have their curfews.

Sober living might not be the best solution for addiction however it could play of great role in terms of helping those residents to remain clean. And once combined with continued treatment, family and peer support, there would be numbers of recovering addicts are to live positive lifestyles free from both alcohol and drugs.

Tips for Living a Sober Life

Adjusting into a sober lifestyle could be intimidating for individuals that are newly in recovery.  Having change in the lifestyle, there would be the chance to stop the use of substance and also the chance to live life like it was never before. But though these changes are indeed great, they might also make a person feel lonely, overwhelmed or sometimes a bit lost.

There could be numbers of ways to live sober and to have a happy lifestyle instead. Some of the few tips that could lead to a sober lifestyle include the following:

  • Develop a support system. If you are alone within the transitional time, it could add stress into the situation. Through connecting with a support system like a peer supporter, recovery coach or a sponsor, individuals might have the chance to make connections along with others who have shared experiences in life. The said support system would be able to offer helpful advice whether how to achieve as well as continue the journey of recovery.
  • Make sober friends. It might be difficult to have friends that are still using the substance. Friends that are in sober lifestyle would encourage one another to also live a sober lifestyle. Some of the great places to make new sober friends are in consumer-operated services and drop-in centers.
  • Selfexploration. After you enter recovery, you might feel unsure of the passions and confidence. But now that you are in sober life, there would be endless chances to explore and learn more. One of the ways that individuals could get involved with would be becoming a recovery advocate. Indeed, taking time to explore new endeavours would be of great way in order to enrich a sober life.
  • Find a hobby. If the use of substance is removed from one’s life it might allow an individual the chance of exploring opportunities which were not even existent before. Having a new sober life, new hobbies could indeed bring happiness.
  • Exercise. As a respond to exercise, the body would feel a natural high and this could happen as a result of the body that releases endorphins that decreases stress and also boost mood. It is not just healthy but exercising could also be of great activity to do along with some sober friends.
  • Get involved. You must get involved into something that an individual might feel passionate about as a great way in order to have fun. It could be of great experience to get involved if you are to help others in the recovery process.
  • Occupy yourself. Keep busy with those things that individuals usually enjoy doing and this could allow a happy as well as addiction free life.

Indeed, following some of these tips when it comes to living a sober lifestyle could be of great advantage of those that are in the recovery process.


Sober Coach

What is a sober coach


What is a sober coach?

Sober coach is also referred as sober companion or recovery coach and these titles would represent the same job within the field of addiction offering one-on-one assistance to the newly recovering individuals due to addiction. They are the ones to protect individuals against further harm as well.

They have this goal of helping the client in terms of maintaining total abstinence or also called as harm reduction from whatever kind of addiction and so to create healthy routines once at home or right after checking out the residential treatment facility.

For sober companions, regulations do not exist. But conversely, sober companions might be considered as part of a whole medical or clinical team of professionals. They might be licensed formally as mental health professional or have also well-respected experience within the field so could independently work on their own.

The protocols for the sober companion once working with a client, the family or friends are being immediately established and might include 12-step or non-12-step plan, psychotherapeutic approach, outside support groups, holistic practices, and medication therapy and would help in establishing fitness and nutrition every single day. Indeed, the main duty of sober coach is to make sure that the recovering individual doesn’t relapse. They could also be hired in order to render round the clock care, accompany the recovering addict once into a particular activity or could be on-call.

Sober companion would act as advocate for those newly recovering individuals and would offer new ways for these clients to act into their own living environment. They either remove completely the addict from the environment of hidden stashes or might search for hidden drugs in the said environment in order to restrain these clients to prevent them from the idea of relapsing.

It might usually last 30 days or longer with regards to the engagement with the sober companion. The time needed in order to effect meaningful change might greatly vary based on the client, the family at home and the co-occurring disorders. The present of a companion in the life of the client would trickle down once the ability of the client to connect into newly defined healthy behaviors along with family, legal issues and work without relapse is indeed proven.

Some individuals need additional help staying clean from drugs or alcohol. There are several medications available that recovering addicts can take to increase their chance of a successful recovery. Naltrexone is a medication used to help reduce the cravings of alcohol, opiates, and potentially meth.

There are some recovery coaches that would stay with the clients for numbers of months but some would only offer transportation services like to and from sober living homes. The duties of a sober companion would vary case to case like from simply making sure that the clients remain abstinent, coming up and ushering specific plan of the recovered resources as well as relationships into the home and community. Indeed, sober coach, sober companion, recovery coach or whatever the terms could be, play of great role to the lives of those that have become addicted but recovering through sober living. Trusting them during the entire process of recovery could be a wise decision for a certain individual willing to recover from any kind of addiction.

Step One Recovery is an addiction treatment resource for individuals looking for help for drug or alcohol abuse. Located in Huntington Beach California Step One Recovery has partnerships with treatment facilities that offer a wide range of treatment options.

If you are someone you know are looking for the best Sober Living Facility or Sober Coach in Orange County, call Broadway Treatment Center at 1-877-626-4906 .


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