Rohypnol rehab centers

Rohypnol Rehab Centers


Rohypnol Addiction Treatment and Recovery


Rohypnol, with a scientific name flunitrazepam, is a strong CNS depressant and sedative. It is typically categorized together with drugs like GHB and Ketamine. It can be swallowed in a pill form or snorted in powder and dissolved in any liquid or ingested directly by drinking.

Due to its strong and effective sedative properties, and its amnesiac effect, it has been called a date rape drug. The odorless and colorless nature of this drug means when it’s added to the drink of a person, it can be ingested without even noticing it, which results to failing of the victim to defend himself when someone else attacks him. This drug is likewise known in different slang words like rope and roofies.

Rohypnol has been categorized as a schedule IV controlled ingredient inside of the US, and that means the American government determined that it met these criteria:


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    Poor potential for abuse associated with drugs and some other substances under the schedule III

Rohypnol Addiction Treatment and Recovery checkmark

    Recently accepted therapeutic use in treating disorders in US

Rohypnol Addiction Treatment and Recovery checkmark

    Might result to restricted physical or mental dependence associated with drugs and other substances of schedule III


If used while being in the supervision of a certified medical professional, Rohypnol is found to be effective enough in relieving severe insomnia. There are some safe and good benzodiazepines which are used mainly in treating insomnia and muscle spasms like Valium but, Rohypnol is recommended by doctors to treat short term sleep problems and seizures yet this is not 100% safe and is illegal in US. It is very addictive and is 10 times more potent compared to Valium.
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Rohypnol is Addictive

Its repeated use can result to mental dependency. Its ecstatic sedative effects could encourage the development of mental dependency and when it happens, a user might find it hard to handle daily affairs if the drug is not taken.  The signs of Rohypnol addiction are quite the same with the symptoms of alcohol abuse. These symptoms are as follows:


rohypnol treatment centers headHeadaches
rohypnol treatment centers Memory impairmentMemory impairment
rohypnol treatment centers Impaired reaction periodWeak motor coordination
rohypnol treatment centers Inaudible speechInaudible speech
rohypnol treatment centers VertigoVertigo


Once any of these symptoms has been noticed on the person, seeking immediate assistance from a healthcare provider is a must. Seek help now before the conditions become life-threatening to the user.


Rohypnol Rehab Centers

Rohypnol Rehab Centers


Rohypnol Abuse

The brief effects of Rohypnol usually start to be felt in thirty minutes of taking the drug and it may involve the following:


facts about rohypnolExtreme relaxation
facts about rohypnol Disorientation and confusionDisorientation and confusion
facts about rohypnol Vision issuesVision issues
facts about rohypnol Coordination issuesCoordination issues & inaudible speech
facts about rohypnolNausea and dizzinessNausea and dizziness
facts about rohypnol Inhibitions lossInhibitions loss
facts about rohypnolSevere sleepinessSevere sleepiness
facts about rohypnol Unconsciousness of the userUnconsciousness of the user


The effects of this drug abuse normally last between 3 to 8 hours. Afterwards, as said earlier, a person who ingested Rohypnol might be unable to recall what happened while he or she experiences the effects of the drug.

Rohypnol Addiction

Rohypnol abuse may result to tolerance and to mental and physical dependence. Overdose cases can end up to different negative results which involve respiratory distress, unconsciousness and even death. Be careful to watch out the following as symptoms of dependence to this drug:


Rohypnol Addiction Missing work or school to use the drugMissing work or school to use the drug
Rohypnol Addiction Extreme headachesExtreme headaches
Rohypnol Addiction Unable to work or move without Rohypnol intakeUnable to work or move without Rohypnol intake
Rohypnol Addiction Impaired balance and speechImpaired balance and speech
Rohypnol Addiction Respiratory distressRespiratory distress
Rohypnol Addiction Feelings of drunkennessFeelings of drunkenness


The withdrawal signs differ for every individual who might be taking Rohypnol and abuse it, but these symptoms include the following:


Rohypnol withdrawal Agitated behavior and inability to sit down stillAgitated behavior and inability to sit down still
Rohypnol withdrawal TremorsTremors
Rohypnol withdrawal AnxietyAnxiety
Rohypnol withdrawal HallucinationHallucination
Rohypnol withdrawal Muscle pain and headacheMuscle pain and headache
Rohypnol withdrawal Tingling sensation and numbness in the toes and fingersTingling sensation and numbness in the toes and fingers
Rohypnol withdrawal Seizures and shockSeizures and shock


Since Rohypnol is a depressant for the central nervous system, most of such symptoms are the same with the signs of alcohol withdrawal. It’s important that when a person suffers from Rohypnol dependence to seek help from a highly qualified healthcare professional throughout the detoxification process. Always consult a doctor to ensure that the afflicted person doesn’t require a weaning process wherein the amount of drug is reduced gradually.

Causes of Dependency

There are some reasons why somebody might become addicted to this drug. Some people are tempted to take this to experience the euphoric effects this drug can give. Rohypnol is normally taken in connected with alcohol and other drugs. Hence, the effects of it might be intensified.

Addiction to Rohypnol can take place in just a week after intake and even taking this drug just for once can make a person become an addict to it. Other people take this drug because they are depressed and they want to obtain a stimulant “high” feeling from it. Also, there are people who assume that it wouldn’t show up on the urine test, so they take this rather than some other forms of drugs.

Complications & Long-Term Effects of Abusing Rohypnol

When Rohypnol dependence was developed, the person who is taking this drug would experience some withdrawal symptoms. These may include muscle pain, headache, severe anxiety, restlessness, tension, irritability and confusion. Identity loss, hallucination, numbness, tingling sensation, convulsion, delirium, cardiovascular collapse and shock may take place. Multiple seizures may take place when one has become dependent to Rohypnol as well.

Seeking Help and Treatment

It is never too late to ask for assistance to recover for a person who turned to be a dependent on Rohypnol. He or she just needs the care and supervision of a qualified rehab center and of course, his or her loved ones. Before the symptoms become devastating to the health and life of the addict, seeking healthcare assistance should be done as soon as possible.

There are many rehabilitation centers established to accommodate people who are addicted to various drugs including Rohypnol. One of the most trusted names in the industry is the Broadway Treatment Center that is committed to helping addicts achieve sobriety. If you are the addict, do not let this drug take charge of your life.

There are various programs that you can join to overcome your addiction. The Broadway Treatment Center has been regarded for their alcohol and drug rehab programs that are personalized plans given to their clients. They offer thirty to ninety day treatment plans to remain clean and obtain sobriety.

Every client has his or her own room and would experience a relieving setting whilst undergoing substance abuse treatment. Treatment for this substance abuse was proven effective and successful in most cases. So what are you still waiting for?

How Can Rohypnol Addiction Be Treated?

The initial step to be taken when it comes to getting rid of Rohypnol addiction is intake assessment. You will meet a facility professional in order to find out the best treatment option for you. With this professional, a customized treatment plan will be created and will be followed by you.

The entire treatment process for Rohypnol addiction includes the following:


  • Detox – after the intake, you would go over detox to get the drug out of your system. Rohypnol withdrawal could be dangerous and uncomfortable so this must be done with the supervision of a medical professional
  • Therapy – after the detoxification, you would start attending the therapy sessions in individual and group settings. As there are no any FDA approved medicine can help in controlling Rohypnol addiction, therapy would be the major focus of this treatment process. Therapies that are used in treating Rohypnol addiction are focused on the behavioral changes as well as in the rehearsal techniques
  • Motivational interviewing – a well-trained therapist would help you in finding self-motivation so as to sustain sobriety which involves incentives for the sustained abstinence.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – a therapist would assist you in identifying the stressors which might have contributed to the use of drug, recognize the upcoming temptation circumstances and assist you in developing the needed coping skills.
  • Relapse prevention – you learn how to recognize the risky drug intake situations and ways to get rid of them.


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When you complete the treatment program, you need to be engaged in different aftercare programs to guarantee a lasting sobriety. Aftercare may involve 12-step programs, consistent counseling or therapy, sober living arrangement & community care groups.

Forms of Treatment for Rohypnol Addiction

Addiction to Rohypnol and other benzodiazepines may arise for various reasons. Each person comes with a distinct enthusiasm for abusing this drug and appropriate treatment would address such differences through adapting to the needs of every person.


rohypnol treatment centers

rohypnol recovery centers


Inpatient Recovery

When taking time far from work and home to remain in a completely sober facility sounds like the greatest choice for a successful treatment, an inpatient treatment program will be the right option for you to take. Inpatient rehabilitation treatment is providing a comprehensive escape from the original setting which resulted to abuse. It would be the greatest choice for anybody who suffers from serious addiction or anybody who relapsed in the past.

Inpatient treatment can provide various treatment programs and these are the following:


Inpatient treatment ResidentialResidential – you remain inside of the facility for a long period of time according to your needs. It will give you an opportunity to concentrate completely on the recovery

Inpatient treatment 30 days residential stays30 days residential stays – it will help you to understand the root cause of your addiction and will help resolve these causative factors over an individual or group therapy

Inpatient treatment 60 days residential stays60 days residential stays – it would give you more time to develop the needed abstinence skills

Inpatient treatment 90 days residential stays – it lets you build more powerful coping skills and develop a sober assistance network with fellow individuals in recovery
Inpatient LuxuryLuxury – you remain in the treatment facility that is focused entirely on comfort and privacy. Such programs come with a lot of amenities to enjoy whilst you are busy in getting yourself prepared for the recovery. At the same time, they are providing a comprehensive escape from the external environment.
Inpatient ExecutiveExecutive – just the same with the elegant recovery facilities, you remain at a CEO facility that is focused on amenities and comfort. But, also, you get access to the work associated amenities like meeting rooms and internet.


Outpatient Recovery

When taking time apart from work and life is impossible then your best choice is an outpatient treatment program. As you would be living in the environment you used to live which might have contributed to the problem, ensure that you have an efficient household support system and that you will be able to adhere and follow the program religiously before you choose this option.

Outpatient rehabilitation centers tend to become effective for people in the earlier phases of addiction. Consider the inpatient program when you have severe cravings or when you’ve relapsed. Outpatient recover centers that offer Rohypnol addiction treatment also implement various program choices which are as follows:


  • Therapy and counseling. You will attend individual and group sessions every week inside of the treatment facility so as to understand what addiction is all about and why you get started in using Rohypnol. You will be then assisted to develop the necessary coping skills for maintaining abstinence.
  • Partial hospitalization. You check in at the addiction treatment facility for a few hours every day in the whole week for the medical requirements, evaluation and individual or group therapy.
  • Intensive outpatient. Whilst still allowed to go back home in the evening, you will follow a strict rehabilitation process that involve drug tests, as well as structured everyday sessions with a staff to ensure that you are free from and clear of the substance. Apart from the treatment, you get an opportunity to obtain addiction education as well as vocational training.


12-Step Programs

12-step groups are an excellent way of developing a support group of sober peers which would assist you in maintaining sobriety. Such groups help to recover users over the twelve predetermined steps for recovery, concentrating on creating amends. The most recognized twelve step group is the so called Alcoholics Anonymous. However, there are many other groups which are addressing different forms of addictions which include Rohypnol addiction. One of these is the Narcotics Anonymous which is a twelve step choice for the abusers of this substance.

So as you can see, there are ways to get rid of Rohypnol addiction. You just need to find out which is the right choice for you or for your loved one.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol call 1-714-443-8218 Broadway Treatment Center is among the top California drug treatment centers that offer individual treatment for those suffering from this disease.


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