Over time, addiction exacts a heavy mental, physical, and spiritual toll from the affected individual as well as from family, friends, and co-workers; everyone suffers. Without proper treatment, addiction is a progressive condition that results in permanent disability or death. Do not wait for yourself or your loved one to endure such tragedy. Clients of Step One Recovery are taught to identify destructive behavioral patterns and replace them with healthy ones. Residents depart from our facility with valuable life skills that enables them to lead a life free from the bondage of addiction.  addiction | step one recovery

At Step One Recovery we know that taking the first step on your road to recovery is no simple task. When you call us for a consultation we will begin looking for immediate placement in one of our residential or luxurious facilities. We will ask you a number of questions about your substance abuse to determine your unique situation, which will aide us in finding a customized solution.  addiction drug and alcohol rehab